We are determined to provide a diverse range of cleaning services to our customers

Office Cleaning

Keeping an office clean and well maintained is not an easy task in the fast-paced business environment of Dubai. If an office is not clean, it can negatively impact employee productivity. A professional office cleaning service can ensure that you have a clean workspace and are able to focus on your work. Some of the cleaning services options we offer include:

  • Day-to-day cleaning
  • Sweeping debris
  • Disposal of trash
  • Cleaning and dusting desktops
  • Cleaning, buffing and maintaining waxed floors
  • Vacuuming and mopping walkways using rinse-free Ph-neutral cleaner

The Kleen Team is devoted to ensuring that all the office cleaning needs of our clients are met. We are also flexible in the services we offer and respond to whatever help the customer may need; such as cleaning after some construction or renovation has been done at the office. We have the staff, equipment, and experience to serve you best.

Commercial Cleaning

The workplace can get really messy and the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning your office environment. Cleaning the office or your commercial building can prove to be a tremendous task; requiring both time and effort. In business, time is money, and if your employees are busy cleaning your office, you will be losing out on valuable profit-making opportunities.

Our cleaning staff at The Kleen Team is aware of how important it is for productivity and first impressions to keep your commercial environment clean. They are well equipped and trained to clean the building from top to bottom and organize your office space.

We use eco-friendly products and are committed to keeping our environment safe. Our staff will maintain your buildings receptions, elevators and workspaces to your exact requirements. Our team will cover all cleaning tasks, from removing trash to organizing your cubicle spaces and vacuuming the floor and carpets. Mirrors, windows and glass doors will always be clean and shining. The kitchen area will be handled with extra care to keep it clean and ensure everyone stays healthy.

Office Boy Staffing

The Kleen Team provides office boys services to many companies in Dubai & the UAE. Our office boy staff are well trained and experienced in helping around the workplace. They have been put through a stringent selection process and undergone many training workshops. They are reliable, honest and hardworking.

The office boys are presentable and capable of handling work efficiently and with a ‘can do’ attitude. Some of the tasks that they can help you within the office are photocopying, filing documents, organizing tables and cabinets, serving tea or coffee, and distributing documents within the office. The Kleen Team recognizes that each business is unique in its work routines and has a diverse range of tasks that need to be performed. The office boys have been trained to improvise and are quick learners so they can adapt well into your work culture.

The Kleen Team ensures that the office boys are educated and able to communicate in a professional manner. They have been trained to deal with employees and guests in a professional, formal and polite manner.

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